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FACILIS Terrablock 24D 48TB SAN

8Gb 2 user SAN system Includes 12 months of software upgrades Up to 6 Direct connect clients Up to 20 DNx HD 220 or Pro Res HQ 4:2:2 up to 50 DNx HD 36 or Pro Res SD One spare drive included 12 Months Software updates included
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Product Information
Item Code: FAC00094
Manufacturer: Faciis
Part Number: FTI-TB0483
Warranty: 12M
Sold by: EACH
Price: Call for Pricing
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For the small to medium sized facility or production company looking for a sensibly priced, low maint, SAN storage solution, Terrablock is a dream come true. Configurations are available that support up to 6 on-line users directly from the Terrablock or over 20 with the addition of an FC switch. The addition of an ethernet gateway enables hundreds of ethernet clients to connect. An optional ISCSI bridge is also availble opening up for client ISCSI connectivity.

Terrablock 24D is capable of supporting 18 streams of uncompressed (1:1) 10bit playback yet it is less expensive than ethernet based solutions and supports most platforms and applications. Configurations are now available that support up to 36TB of storage.

Mirroring and Parity RAID protection come as standard and can be allocated to the entire storage poll or just those volumes that require protection.

Additional users can be added with a minor hardware upgrade - see upgrade pricing

Terrablock Feature Highlights


Multiple Windows and Mac OSX clients may simultaneously write to a virtual volume without any third party software. Content updates occur in real time. The TerraBlock achieves this with no per seat licensing, external metadata controllers or complex networking. 


The TerraBlock's versatility offers both Fibre channel and Ethernet Connectivity. The TerraBlock's Ethernet option is the optimal solution for low bandwidth or high client count environments. Facilities that require high bandwidth can make use of the standard 8Gb Fibre connectivity available on the TerraBlock. Clients may direct connect to the TerraBlock without the use of a Fibre channel switch. Both the Ethernet and Fibre clients can access the same Multi Write volume at the same time. 


The TerraBlock is the only shared storage solution that allows you to dynamically change volumes based on your needs. You can change a volume from Single User write to Multi User write and back with a click of a button. Any volume can be assigned Read Only permissions to avoid accidental writes or deletions. The TerraBlock can easily be configured to optimize your workflow. 


As part of the Facilis Shared File System, TerraBlock delivers a unique File System Emulation mode which allows Multi-user Write volumes to work with native project sharing in industry leading applications. 


TerraBlock Virtual volumes allow for simplified workflow for ingest, collaboration and archive. Every volume has full system bandwidth regardless of size, and that bandwidth never decreases, even when the system is at full capacity. Due to innovative data placement, file fragmentation is never an issue.


All virtual volumes can be protected from drive failure through Mirroring or RAID5. The RAID scheme can be changed on the fly without loss of data.


Facilis products have been deployed along with a wide range of editing clients, 3D/2D graphics animation, color grading, encoding, archive and asset management products. The TerraBlock was created to compliment all post production processes as they transition into HD formats.

Fibre Performance

(3) HD 10bit 1:1 Streams

(4) HD 8bit 1:1 Streams

Fibre & Ethernet Performance

(15) DNx HD 220 or Pro Res HQ 4:2:2 Streams

(25) DNx HD 145 or Pro Res 4:2:2

(50) DNx HD 36 or Pro Res SD

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